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Heads of Report Format
Thursday, 09 February 2012 16:01

Heads of Report Format


1) Text editing program - MS WORD.

2) Font - Times New Roman, 14- point size, single line spacing, indention – 1 сm.

3) Document margins - head - 2сm., bottom- 2 сm., left- 2 сm., right - 2 сm., justified alignment

4) Reports size – 10 pages at most, heads of report size - 2 pages at most.

5) Annotations are made in a form of footnotes at the bottom of the page. Numbering of footnotes begins from 1 on every page.

6) Headlines of separate parts of the text should be typed in the bold font in separate paragraphs, justified alignment.

7) Multiple spaces, hyphenations, right alignments are not recommended. Numbering of figures should be in arabic numerals. Latin names of objects should be typed in the lower-case italic font.

8) Report headline should include, in separate paragraphs: УДК, left alignment; centred headline in capital letters; right aligned lower-case author`s name; the next line should include academic degree, academic title, rank, and full name of the organization , the text begins a line below

9) The Annotation should be given at the beginning of the report ; references to the cited publications are not allowed.

10) References should be in square brackets - for articles: [1], [1, 3-8], - for books: [1, p. 254-256].

11) Bibliography should be at the end of the report and its order should correspond to the order of references in the text . References to unpublished works are not allowed. The title of an article or a book should be included into Bibliography.Publication date and place and the name of a publishing house of books should be indicated, as for the articles - the title of a magazine, the year of publication, volume and issue numbers, the article first and last pages numbers.


Dunnett S.J. A mathematical study of the sampling characteristics of a thin-walled sampler in calm air // Aerosol Sci. and Technol. - 1992. - V. 17, No 2. - P. 93-104.


12) wmf, emf, eps, bmp, jpeg files should be made in resolution no less than 300 dpi.

13) Files should necessarily include author`s name, e.g.: J. Smith article.doc.